Renew Expired Australian Passport: A How-to Guide

Renew Expired Australian Passport: A How-to Guide

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If your current Australian passport has expired, you can apply for a new document in just 10 minutes using the AusPassport online platform.

To complete the application process in this timeframe, applicants must be properly informed beforehand.

In this article, we’ll explain how to renew an expired Australian passport in 4 easy-to-follow steps.

Can I renew my Australian passport if it has expired?

Generally speaking—yes, applicants can renew their Australian passport once it’s expired.

Renewal is not quite the same as applying for a new passport—it is a shortcut that, simply speaking, takes the data from your previous passport and copies it directly into a new document.

That means you do not have to file all the documents usually required for a passport application.

But not everyone is allowed to renew their Australian passports.

Below you can find a list of conditions you must meet in order to renew your Australian passport using the simplified process.

List of conditions for Australian passport renewal process.

If there is even a single condition that applicants fail to meet, they will have to apply for a completely new passport using the full (standard) process—that means going to an Australia Post outlet and filling in the application form.

Can I renew a child’s Australian passport?

Children are not eligible for Australian passport renewal.

One of the mandatory eligibility criteria for passport renewals is being minimum 18 (eighteen) years old. Young adults between the ages of 16 (sixteen) and 18 (eighteen) must submit a new adult passport application and are not eligible for renewals.

Additionally, individuals seeking to renew an expired child passport for Australian citizens under the age of 16 (sixteen) must submit a new child passport application form.

See what you can do if your child’s Australian passport has expired.

Passport nearing its expiry date? Get ahead of the game and up to speed by reading:

How do I renew my Australian passport if it is expired?

Since you’ve gotten this far, it can only mean you most likely meet the passport renewal conditions set out by the Australian passport office. Here is an overview how Australian passport holders can renew their travel documents:

4 steps of renewing an expired Australian passport online.

Step #1: Log into AusPassport account

Renewals of Australian passports can be done entirely online, so you can get your new passport without leaving your home. Australian citizens, can access the online portal here.

If you do not have an account on the AusPassport platform, you can create one by clicking the green box titled Create an account.

Step #2: Start the renewal process

Once logged in, you can proceed with the passport renewal process.

Click on the button that says Start renewal/passport application.

What you need to decide on at the beginning of the process is where you intend to lodge your application: in Australia or overseas.

Then candidates will be asked to indicate the subject of their application: an 18+ adult or a child.

What comes after are 11 sections you need to complete to finish your passport renewal application:

  • personal details
  • contact details
  • previous passport
  • confirming citizenship (commemorative birth certificates and extracts are not accepted)
  • confirming name change (driver’s licence or a photo card)
  • confirming identity
  • reference
  • emergency contact details
  • passport type and fees;
  • review application
  • declaration.

Australian passport renewal application forms are not available at Australia Post outlets. You can access the application either online, as described above, or by calling 131 232 to have the documents sent by the Australian passport office.

Once you’re done filling in the form—print it, as you will need to lodge the papers at an Australia Post location.

Step #3: Take an Australian passport photo

Australian citizens need to deliver 2 (two) new passport photos to get a new passport; they cannot submit old photographs.

The photos must meet the requirements of the Government of Australia and measure 35/40 mm wide by 45/50 mm in height.

For Australian passport photos, you can take the picture at a professional studio or use a highly rated web-based tool such as Passport Photo Online- with over 3,900 5⭐ reviews.

Step #4: Deliver documents to an acceptance facility and pay the fee

The final step is to deliver all of the documents to the appropriate facility, e.g., an Australia Post outlet.

What your application should include:

  • Australian passport renewal form;
  • 2 (two) passport photographs;
  • your most recent Australian passport;
  • any other supporting documents (if applicable).

At this stage, applicants will also be able to pay the corresponding fees for a new passport.

Renewing an expired passport in Australia: cost

The cost to renew an expired Australian passport depends on the size of the document (standard or jumbo) and desired processing time.

There is no additional fee for the expired passport renewal process—you pay just for the passport (the book).

Here is a table of applicable fees when renewing an expired Australian passport:

A table showing Australian passport fees for different document types.

Fees are shown in Australian dollars and are accurate as of January 1st, 2023.

Presented costs cover only the price of issuing the document; there are also additional costs, if applicable, that must be added to the passport book fee.

Australian passport expiry renewal from overseas

Australian citizens currently residing abroad can apply for a renewal of their expired Australian passport.

The renewal process from overseas is nearly identical to domestic renewals. That means you need to:

  • complete the Australian passport renewal application form via the AusPassport platform (if you cannot access it, please contact the nearest Australian diplomatic facility);
  • acquire 2 (two) Australian passport photos;
  • submit the expired Australian passport application papers to the nearest Australian diplomatic facility and pay the corresponding fees.

Australian passport photos with Passport Photo Online

Thanks to Passport Photo Online, Australian citizens can now take their passport pictures from the comfort of their own couch—there’s no need to schedule a visit at a studio or spend hours driving around looking for walk-in service.

With Passport Photo Online’s dedicated smartphone app (available on Android and iOS devices), your mobile phone transforms into a professional passport photo studio.

A 4-step process presenting the functionality of the Passport Photo Online app.

Simply snap as many photos as you want with your mobile phone or upload any photo to the app. Next Passport Photo Online uses its advanced AI tools to make your photo comply with the specifications mandated by the Australian authorities.

All final photos are additionally checked by human experts so that you can rest assured your passport photo will pass the most stringent controls. In fact, we guarantee the compliance of all of our passport photos ( if your photo gets rejected, we’ll refund double purchase cost).

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Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about renewing expired Australian passports.

Closing thoughts

There you have it—a complete guide on how to renew your expired Australian passport.

The renewal procedure of expired Australian passports is not the same as applying for a new passport, hence the eligibility requirements.

Moreover, the application form for renewing an Australian passport is only available online on the AusPassport platform. That means applicants cannot access it at Australia Post facilities.

Once renewal application form has been completed, you must print it and deliver the papers in person to the appropriate acceptance facility—and for accepting your papers, Australia Post will do just fine.

Do you want compliant Australian passport photos without leaving home? Passport Photo Online will get you sorted with only a few clicks.

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