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Australian Passport Photo –

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Australian Passport Photo Guidelines

Once you start gathering information about an Australian passport application, you come across the point about attaching two identical photographs. As AU passports are biometric documents, it is necessary to satisfy all the requirements. Otherwise your photos may be rejected and you will be required to repeat all the procedures. If you want to be sure that your passport photo is adequate, read our guide.

After reading our article you will know:

  • the biometric passport photo requirements;
  • the required size of an AU passport photo;
  • how to pose for your passport photograph;
  • how to take a correct Australian passport photo with your smartphone.

The perfect passport photo – is it possible to take at home?

All you need is a phone equipped with a camera, some space and a couple of minutes.

Taking the photograph yourself has an advantage over other alternatives. You can get your picture whenever and wherever you wish, you can do it without being rushed, try as many outfits and hairstyles as you like and choose your favorite one. Last, but not least is money saving – if you prepare your picture with a passport photo app, you pay just a part of the price and only when the final effect satisfies you!

Why is meeting the official requirements crucial?

Australia, like many other countries, uses biometrics in passport photos for an international identification system. The standardised photo lets border and immigration officials quickly and effectively check the identity of the passport holder thanks to their unique physical characteristics, such as the distance between the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. While biometric passport photos have strict specifications, photos aren’t required to be professionally taken. It means that you are allowed to prepare a picture for your passport application on your own and if you meet all the requirements, you will get your passport without a problem. You just need to know everything about the correct:

  • size;
  • colors;
  • background;
  • lighting;
  • head position;
  • face expression;
  • allowed and forbidden accessories such as head coverings, glasses etc.

Take your passport picture in 3 minutes

Three minutes or less to prepare an absolutely correct passport photo? If you want to take your Australian passport photo quickly, just choose your favorite outfit, prepare the lighting, and ask someone to help you or use a tripod.

Then take the right pose and that is it! If you like, you may spend more time taking more shots to choose the best one. When you are already decided, upload your favorite picture to our online photo tool and adjust it if needed. With this easy to use photo editor you can change the background, crop and resize the image. At the end, the tool verifies your photo in terms of accordance with the requirements. If the photo editor accepts the image, it means that the picture has a guarantee of also being accepted by authorities. You can download the PhotoAiD app right now and immediately start the process of taking your passport photo that will take you 3 seconds!

Learn the requirements for the Australia passport photo

You must equip your passport application form with 2 (two) identical photographs taken within the last 6 (six) months.

The best way to familiarise yourself with the current AU passport requirements is to visit the government website: There, you will find a list of requirements and examples of correct and incorrect passport pictures. We also have gathered all the information you need to know about AU passport photos in one place as well as our tips on how to take a perfect photograph and get 100% of guarantee of acceptance by the authorities.

Australian passport photos: technical requirements

There are specific hints about the quality of the paper (if you’re printing your picture), focal length and process of sublimation for this kind of photograph.

If you’re taking your photo using a photo camera, you should use:

  • focal length of 90‐130 mm OR
  • 35 mm film.

If you use a smartphone, it probably has a good camera that is able to produce high-quality photographs. You will probably need to crop, resize and adjust the background in your passport photo, but you can do it in a couple of seconds using an online cropping photo tool.

If you have your photos in digital format, you can print them, however, passport photos cannot be printed using an inkjet printer – they must be produced using dye sublimation.

When printing, you should remember that your passport photo must be high quality and in color. Only heavy‐weight, glossy prints (200 gsm minimum) are accepted. Avoid heavy-back printing.

The photo must be clear, focused and sharp, not retouched in any way (removing moles, wrinkles or scars is not allowed).

Requirements regarding Australian passport photo dimensions

The demanded dimensions for an Australian passport photo are:

  • 35-40 mm in width
  • 45-50 mm in height
  • 32-36 mm – maximum size of the face from the chin to the top of the head.

Your entire head and neck must be visible in the picture, optionally also the upper part of the shoulders. If you’re unsure how to obtain the required view, here’s a tip:

make sure that the distance between you and the camera is between 1,20 and 2 metres. If you do not have anyone to help you, use a tripod because selfies are not allowed.

Lighting in the Australian passport picture

Flash is responsible for the “red eye” effect. The best light for taking your passport photograph is daylight. If this is impossible, just use a strong light source and make sure that your face is being illuminated evenly on both sides.

Pay attention to brightness and contrast in your photo. Remember that overexposed and underexposed photos will be automatically rejected as well as pictures with shadows or reflections.

Colours in AU passport photos

Your biometric passport photo must reflect your natural skin tone and eye color. That’s why it can’t be black and white. So make sure that you look natural in your passport photograph.

There is also a strict requirement about the background colour. It must be white or light grey – no other colors are acceptable. Moreover, the background must be uniform and there can be no other people or objects visible. Your photo cannot contain shadows or glares.

There are no requirements about clothing colours but it is not recommended to wear a shirt or headscarf (if you wear it for religious reasons) in the same colour as the background. Avoid white and light grey hair coverings to be sure that your face is clearly visible and well contrasted in the photograph.

What to wear for your AU passport picture

In terms of the dress code for Australian passport pictures, there is only one and it applies to head coverings. They must be in a solid color, free of patterns and worn only in the case of religious reasons. Other (fashion) head coverings are not allowed.

The best advice is: dress the way you like. If you put on something semi-casual or elegant, it will be the best choice. You should avoid shirts that look too casual (for example tank tops), because they could make you look naked. .

Accessories in AU passport photos

If you like pendants, necklaces and earrings, you can put them on. But be aware that a pair of massive earrings might obscure your jawline and in such a case your picture will not be accepted. We don’t recommend huge hair accessories and scarves. If you have facial jewellery, you do not need to remove it to take the photo, but the piercings cannot cast a shadow or produce a glare on your skin.

If you wear eyeglasses every day, take them off for your passport picture. If you must wear them for medical reasons, you will have to provide a medical certificate that:

  • informs why you can’t remove the eyeglasses;
  • is signed by a registered medical practitioner;
  • includes the medical practitioner’s full name, registration number and the address and phone number of the medical practice.

If you do not take off your glasses, make sure that the frames do not obscure your pupils and do not give any reflection from the lenses. Lenses must be transparent. Sunglasses and tinted glasses are unacceptable in your Australian passport photo.

The required composition and positioning of the head in passport photos

There are some main rules you must follow to take a correct passport photo. There is no space for fortuity here. You must remember that:

  • the head must positioned in the central spot of the image;
  • the head must not be tilted in any direction
  • you must look straight at the camera
  • you must keep your mouth closed but not tightened; keep your eyes open;
  • must not smile or frown;
  • your whole face must be clearly visible.

For this last point make sure that:

  • your head covering (if you wear one) does not cover your jawline;
  • your hair is off your face;
  • the edges of your face are not obscured by earrings.

The most common mistakes that could get your photo rejected

What are the most commonly made mistakes in Australian passport photos?

  1. Wrong size: the required Australian passport photo dimensions are 35 mm to 40 mm wide and 45 mm to 50 mm high. Any other dimensions are just wrong. If you do not know how to resize your image, head over to our online passport photo app and let the technology do it.
  2. Bad lighting: light in the passport photo must be evenly distributed on both sides of your face. Appearance of shadows or glares on the face or in the background disqualifies the picture.
  3. Smile: smiling is forbidden in biometric passport photos.
  4. Glasses: in Australia wearing glasses in passport photos is not allowed. If you must wear them for medical reasons (for example after eye surgery), there is an exception but in such a case, you have to supply a medical certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner informing why you can’t remove the glasses. This document must include the medical practitioner’s full name, registration number and the address and phone number of the medical practice.

Short list of do’s and don’ts

Let’s go over the most important do’s and don’ts in the Australia passport picture.

You do have to make sure that your picture is:

  • clear, focused and sharp;
  • taken against plain white or light grey background;
  • evenly lightened;
  • shot with the face centred and head not tilted in any direction;
  • reflecting your facial features and skin tone naturally;
  • biometric (looking straight at the camera, open eyes, mouth closed, neutral facial expression).

At the same time, these are the don’ts for your picture:

  • taken more than 6 (six) months ago;
  • altered using any kind of computer software;
  • printed on inkjet printer;
  • overexposed or underexposed;
  • cut out of a larger picture.

Passport photo app – your best assistant

Take a look at the online photo checker which easily crops, resizes and finally verifies your photograph to make sure it is suitable. If the AI-based application approves it, you may be 100% sure that a passport officer processing your application will do too.

With this passport photo editor you take as many shots as you wish and pay only for the ones you like. Taking a photo with PhotoAiD will take you 3 (three) seconds and the service is about 30% cheaper than other passport photo services.

Last update: 3/3/23

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