Australian Passport Photo Size Template

Australian Passport Photo Size Template

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If you are an Australian citizen planning to apply for a passport in Australia, you need to submit two (2) biometric photographs. Photos for Australian passports must satisfy specific requirements in order to be accepted by the authorities and, since you need more than one, you’ll have to get them printed using the appropriate template.

To learn how to get the perfect Australian passport photo template, keep reading. We will go over everything you need to know.

Australian passport photo requirements

Australian passport photos need to be between 35×45 mm to 40×50 mm in size. The head, from the chin to the top, has to be between 32mm and 36mm.

The picture also needs to be clear, in focus, and in good condition; marks, scratches, or any kind of damage are not acceptable. You are not allowed to retouch the photo in any way. The background of an Australian passport photo has to be a plain and uniform white or light grey background; a simple white wall makes a good background as long as it is without shadows, patterns, or visible objects.

Your face needs to be perfectly centered, not tilted in any direction, looking straight at the camera, with your eyes fully open and your mouth fully closed. Keep a natural and neutral expression on your face while taking the photo. The lighting must be even and smooth, with an appropriate brightness level. Avoid extreme exposures (too dark or too bright), and allow for a good view of the facial features.

Make sure that your face is fully visible: pull long hair back away from the face and eyes, and remove any accessories obstructing the view. Glasses also must be removed, since they could cast shadows or create glare; if you cannot remove your glasses for medical reasons, you will need a signed doctor’s note explaining the details.

If you wear religious head coverings every day for religious reasons, you are allowed to wear them in the photo; however, your face must still be completely visible, from chin to forehead.

Lastly, one of the photos you present must be endorsed by a guarantor (or a referee if you apply online), to prove your identity.

Australian passport photo template – Passport Photo Online

To save money, you can take your pictures yourself and then have them all printed as a single photograph. In order to have multiple passport photos printed onto one postcard-size picture, you need to use a special template to arrange them in the right layout. With Passport Photo Online’s mobile app, you can make the postcard template yourself, with your iOS or Android device!

Generating a 4 x 6 passport photo template with PPO is completely free! Simply upload your picture and choose the 10×15 cm layout. With this template, you get eight 35×45 passport photos, ready to be printed on glossy photo paper whenever and wherever you want.

Just go to a photo store or kiosk and print the template in “postcard-size.” Printing one postcard-size photograph costs only around 30 cents. Use this convenient trick for all your passport and visa photo needs, and you will save money!

Do you need to get a passport photo? Try Passport Photo Online! Take pictures at home, with a smartphone or a digital camera.

PPO does everything else: the photos are scanned by our AI and cropped to the Australian passport photo size. Take your time and snap all the photos you like: with Passport Photo online, you only pay for the pictures you choose to use! Once you are done, you can easily download them, arrange them in the right layout and go have them printed.

In Australia, a passport photo can cost from $16 to $19 AUS; with PPO, you will spend less than ten dollars!

Australian passport photo template – conclusions

So if you need to get photos for an Australian passport, the most convenient solution is to prepare a 10×15 cm photo template. You’ll be able to print them wherever you like, and have enough to spare if you need some for other documents.

Be sure to follow all the official passport photo requirements, then upload your picture to Passport Photo Online. Get your pictures formatted perfectly in the 10×15 cm photo layout for free, and then just go have them printed without delay. You’ll be ready to apply for your Australian passport right away.



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