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Travel Wallet | Passport Holder & Wallet | hardtofind

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There’s nothing quite like that feeling of getting to the check-in desk and presenting your ID as you head off on a trip across the country, or across the world. And it feels that bit better if you’re organised enough to have all your essentials in one spot, so you’re not holding up the queue or panicking internally about having left something at home or worse, in the Uber that took you to the airport. If you’re heading overseas, it’s definitely worth investing in a good travel wallet. Also known as a passport holder or passport wallet, it’s a wallet big enough to keep all your travel documents in one place, so you’re not searching through multiple bags and pockets in the queue for passport control. Passport wallets are generally tall, slim and capacious, with plenty of room for a passport, driver’s license, boarding cards, local currency, credit cards and even a pen.

What kind of travel wallet do I need?

First, you need to decide what exactly is the purpose of your passport wallet. Is it simply to give your passport a layer of protection or is it to hold your travelling life together — including everything short of the kitchen sink? In its most streamlined form, the passport wallet is simply a decorative and protective cover. A passport cover is typically made of leather, fabric or PU and has pockets on each side to slide in the front and back covers of your passport. It will protect your passport from spills, and wear and tear, and also help you quickly identify it in your bag. A unique passport cover also adds a touch of individuality. And it’s not just a pretty façade. Many passport covers contain discreet extra pockets or slots for money, ID and other cards, so if you’re a minimalist, this will have you swanning through customs like a pro. (For a particularly chic look, you’ll find passport holders that come with matching luggage tags.)

At the other end of the spectrum is the full-blown travel organiser. As well as a passport sleeve, this will have a currency pocket (and a zipped section for coins), a ticket/boarding pass sleeve, lots of slots for frequent flyer cards, ID, credit and store cards, and a pen holder. This is a gamechanger if you don’t ever want to get caught short again when you have to fill in that customs declaration as you’re coming into land. Travelling with the family? You can’t trust kids to look after their own passports and tickets, so look out for a family travel wallet that can hold multiple passports and pieces of paperwork. It might also have a detachable wrist strap or cross body strap if it straddles that line between large travel wallet and small travel bag.

What is an RFID travel wallet?

If you want some extra peace of mind around security when you travel, choose a passport wallet that boasts RFID blocking protection. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is the chip-based technology used in credit cards or passports to store personal information, which is read by a scanner when you tap for payment or ID. If your credit card has a radio wave symbol, or your passport has a chip symbol (hint: most of them do) they are RFID enabled. RFID theft (AKA skimming) happens when someone uses a scanner to read and duplicate the personal information from your credit cards and passports, in order to steal your money or identity. Many travel wallets include a material in the lining that blocks RFID signals, so a scanner can’t read the information until you take it out of the wallet.

Personalised passport holder

Travel wallets make a great gift, whether for the first-time traveller or the regular jetsetter. A personalised passport holder is something the recipient will have for a long time (longer than their current passport!), and over the years it will probably see a lot of places around the world. Personalising your travel wallet shows how much consideration has gone into finding one that’s extra special. It’s never been easier to make your gift truly one of a kind by adding his name or initials, or even a personal inscription inside. Tip: When searching for your personalised leather passport cover, check the ‘Can be personalised’ box in Special features.

Should I buy a leather travel wallet?

A top-quality travel wallet will last a lifetime and withstand the wear and tear of many adventures. Waterproofed canvas and nylon are great choices that will survive journeys into the future. But if you want a durable, timeless and good-looking travel wallet, leather is a great option. A classic black leather passport holder — or any other neutral colour — will go with outfits and luggage as they’re updated over the years, and will even start to look better when it develops a lovely patina with age. If you don’t want animal skin but you still like the luxurious look and feel of leather, check out the vegan leather wallet options here at Hardtofind — made from eco-friendly synthetics or plant fibres.

So now you have a good idea about what kind of travel wallet you’re looking for. In these pages, you’ll find all the best travel wallets and passport covers Australia-wide. You’ll also discover a wide range of other travel necessities and gifts including cardholders, luggage tags, backpacks and weekenders.

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